Tube Shoulder And Nozzle

  • Manufactured using a Fully automatic compression molding process (no reliance on external sources for pre-molded shoulders)
  • Made from food grade HDPE which complies with:
    1. FDA:CFR Title 21 (177.1520, Olefin Polymers)
    2. IS:10146 (safe for use in contact with Foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and drinking water)

Laminates From HUHTAMAKI PPL

  • Laminates are Food Grade
  • Wide Range of Barrier Layers of Aluminum 12/ 20/ 25 micron
  • Thickness Range: 200 to 350 Microns
  • White and silver finishes
  • Double barrier laminated

Tube Made From Food Grade Materials


Orientedtapes, Woven Sacks and monofilaments.


Meets the Requirments stipulated in standard IS:10146-1982 on “Specification for Polyethylene for safe use in contact with foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and drinking water”. It also conforms to the positive list of constituents as prescribed in IS:10141-1982. The  rade and the additives incorporated in it also comply with the FDA:CFR Title 1,177.1520, Olefin Polymers.